Monday, 21 March 2022

Today I'm gong to do a post about my darling kitties because sadly I've been feeling a tad under the weather so have been unable to craft for a little while.

This is Spike my shadow If I'm crafting he is there if I doing a jigsaw puzzle he is there If I'm lying in bed he is there If I'm in the garden he is there and if I am in the sauna fur coat or not he is there here is the proof 

He just loves the heat In fact he is a sauna junkie and will go to any lengths to get mummy in the sauna.

Chilled out Spike just love him so much 

Puzzle assistant and as you can see he's not really much help He does enjoy moving the pieces around though and on occasion he has been known to walk off with pieces stuck to his fur and we have picked them up around the house.

This is our other cat Deejay Spikes brother we got them both from Teckles Rescue centre at Whitminster In Gloucester.  

Deejay is a daddy's boy and just like Spike where ever my husband is you will find this little guy.
At the moment he is totally addicted to an on line app called Videos for cats 

 This him tired out after a mammoth fishing expedition. There are videos of birds fish mice and i expect many more but he is fixated on the fish ones at the moment bless him.

We are a family of Ginger kitty owners our son also has gingers in fact three of them 

Here is a photo with all three of them chilling out after a day of doing important kitty stuff.

Anyway I will leave you with the notion that I am indeed a crazy cat lady there is a hint in the name of my blog and my Stampin Up Team will be known as the Kitty cat crafters.

If I can help in anyway please click on any of the buttons at the top and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care everyone 

Judi aka


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